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Adetiq work behind the scenes to help agencies deliver data capture aspects of any campaign for their clients.

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Data Processing Services for Marketing Agencies

Marketing data servicesAs a marketing agency, we understand that you handle vast volumes of data on behalf of your clients and that high quality, accurate data is of the highest priority for you and the campaigns that you run on behalf of your clients.  Additionally, we know that you want to delivery the very best results for your client and that time is of critical importance.

At Adetiq, we work with marketing agencies who focus on both B2C and B2B markets across wide ranging industries, and have done for over 20 years.  We understand that you often need an extension to your own in-house resources that you can rely on to deliver the highest quality and deliver on time, every time.

Our data and document processing team offer marketing agencies a range of cost effective processing solutions to assist with internal resource constraints, and most importantly offer timely, secure and accurate data capture from all data sources, able to streamline large volumes of data into a consolidated data file suitable for interpretation or uploading into any CRM system.


Data Entry & Data Capture from Paper Documents and Forms

Data-CaptureAt Adetiq, we have a range of technologies and systems to capture your client's data as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We will take the time to understand your and your client's specific requirements and will make recommendations with regard to the best method of data capture.  We have a highly experienced in-house team of data capture personnel, who utilising our proprietary data entry systems can capture data with the highest degree of accuracy and speed.  Typically used to capture data from handwritten or inconsistent forms, our data capture team can save your team time, money and improve data quality for your client.  In addition to our data entry team we can also capture your data electronically with OCR, IMR and OMR solutions, perfectly suited to capture data from consistent, typed documents or documents set up specifically for OCR or OMR data capture.  We will discuss your specific requirements with you and suggest the data capture method, or combination of data capture methods which will bring you and your client the best results in the most cost and time efficient manner.


Online Data Collection

Online-data-captureOften used for surveys, questionnaires and to capture customer data we can design a branded online data capture solution with an audience relevant user friendly format and securely collect data in real time enabling us to provide you and your client with immediate access to the data.  In addition to collecting data we can cleanse the data to ensure that your client's dataset only contains valid responses to your data capture requirements. 

Once collected and cleansed we will return the raw data to you in any format required, or if desired, we can pass the data to our in-house analytics team who will analyse the data and results to provide you with a presentable report containing valuable insights, statistics and charts.  Find out more about our questionnaire and survey processing and analytics services here.


Tablet Data Capture 

Tablet-Data-CaptureOur tablet data capture solutions enable you to capture data in real time, and without the need for paper forms.  Whether it's straight forward capture of customer contact details, or lengthy surveys and consultations our tablet data capture solutions can be programmed to ensure a user friendly experience, tailored to the specific audience and branded as required. 

Our data capture solutions transfer data via a wifi connection, but will capture data offline until a wifi connection is made - meaning no interuptions in your data capture due to loss of wifi connection.  From one-off experiential events to multi-country or multi-store PoS software and hardware installations, we will work with you to understand your and your client's specific requirements and devise an effective data capture solution.

To find out more about tablet data collection, please click here.


Fully Integrated Data Capture Solutions

Our combination of offline, online and tablet data capture solutions mean that we can offer a truly integrated approach to your multi-channel data collection.   We will ensure that your data capture methods and brand are reflected consistently across your printed materials, your online forms and if relevant, your tablet data capture application.

If you need a hand with designing your data capture forms, our design team is able to help, and if you need your paper forms printed - we can arrange that too.  We can even offer in-bound mail room services to receive any postal or email responses to alleviate the administration burden from your offices.

Our integrated solutions have been developed as a direct result of feedback from our clients over the years.  We've established our suite of data capture solutions based upon the requirements of our clients, which can be customised according to your business needs.


‘Goneaways’ and Unsubscribes

We can receive and process your campaign ‘goneaways’ and unsubscribes both electronically and physically acting as a virtual mail room, elGone away processingiminating the piles of reply cards which are often hidden in storage rooms or around offices.

As a marketing agency professional you'll already know that processing goneaways and unsubscribes as swiftly as possible is an important element of maintaining a clean database, and to ensure that investment isn't wasted on people who just aren't there. Processing unsubscribes in a timely manner is essential to ensure that your clients stay within the data privacy laws by not continuing to mail those who have opted out from communication.


Customer Reply Cards

We work with many marketing agencies who run frequent competitions and sign up incentives on behalf of their clients, which requires the customer data to be captured from the completed reply cards and to be processed into a consistent format suitable for uploading into a CRM system and for statistical analysis. At Adetiq, our team are highly experienced at extracting the data from reply cards in a cost and time efficient manner, outputting the data according to the needs of your clients. Our secure data entry system ensures the highest level of accuracy, essential for maximising marketing investment.


Loyalty Schemes

Membership Application ProcessingIt's widely reported that the cost of acquiring a new customer is about eight times higher than maintaining an existing customer, and as a result loyalty schemes and reward cards are becoming increasingly commonplace. At Adetiq, we work with marketing agencies to process often large volumes of reward card registrations, digitising customer data so that it can be used by the agency and securely disposing of the physical forms which are no longer needed. We can provide the scalable resources required to process large peaks in membership form completion - as well as the troughs, providing a cost efficient alternative to in-house administration resource.


Data Population and Cleansing

We offer extensive data population and cleansing services to ensure that your client's database is as effective as possible and to ensure that you mData Cleansingaximise your marketing efforts. Our team are highly experienced at populating missing information/fields, appending address details, processing goneaways, and updating information. We can even pass your data through the National Change of Address Register and the Deceased Register to ensure that you don't continue to mail people who are no longer contactable.


Document and Data Security

Data SecurityIt is important to remember not to be complacent with your data. Your data provides your business with a competitive advantage and has intrinsic value to your competitors and unscrupulous individuals. Treat your data with the highest degree of security. Data and document security is at the heart of our business and as such we are PCI DSS compliant to the highest degree and ICO Data Protection Act Registered. This means that there are stringent controls in place to guarantee the security of your data and documents whilst they are with us. All of our business practices are audited by third parties annually to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the assurance of the highest level of data security for your business data. Visit our document and data security page to find out more.


Industry Accreditations

In an industry that can be daunting for many, we're committed to best practice in outsourcing, and as such we're proud to be working with industry leading publications and associations. Visit our accreditations page to find out more.

If you are unsure of any of the terms used, we have created a handy glossary to help.

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