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Our mail room services have reduced lag times by 65%.

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Data Capture, Scanning & BPO for Transportation & Logistics Companies

We understand that within the transport and logistics industry that vast volumes of data and documents need to be gathered to ensure that all projects are operating efficiently and in compliance to the necessary regulations.

We work with transport and logistics professionals to help them to effectively manage the volume of documents and information. Whether in physical or digital format, our expert team can act as an extension of your in-house team to ensure that your documents and data are processed in a timely and accurate manner. By outsourcing the processing of documents and data our clients have been able to release their internal workforce from labour intensive processing tasks and shift the focus onto higher value tasks - improving productivity, saving money and improving data accuracy.


Diary Entry Data Capture, Logging & Scanning

Our team are highly experienced at capturing the data contained within manual as well asData Entry electronic diary entries and articulating the data in a consistent electronic formation suitable for analysis and interpretation.  Our team can run reports according to your needs so that you can obtain detailed analytics with regard to the distribution of labour associated with each project and across any given timeframe. 

Our clients have been able to make significant improvements in productivity as a result of the insights gained from processing the raw diary data.


Virtual Mail Room

Adetiq_Mail_Room_SolutionsOur virtual mail room services are designed to alleviate the paper burden from your office.  Your inbound mail will be diverted to us, from there our sorting office will sort all mail according to your specific requirements.  Our digitisation team will then scan your mail and dispatch the mail via electronic methods to the relevant department or personnel at pre-defined times of the day.  Our solution is perfectly customisable to your requirments, we will work with you to devise a tailored process flow considering all variables of inbound mail to ensure that the outsourced mail room solution delivers you time, labour, space and cost savings as well as creating a more efficient and secure paperless environment.

As our team is based entirely in the UK, we will meet you and your team as often as required to develop a suitable solution and we guarantee that the whole of your back office administration will be handled securely by our in-house team - who, should you wish, you can meet in person.


Document Scanning

Document_ScanningThere are undoubted benefits to digitising physical documents, whether you wish to save on storage costs, improve efficiency by creating a searchable digital archive or improve analytics by migrating the document information to a digital database - Adetiq can help.

Whatever your document processing objectives the team at Adetiq can offer best practice advice to ensure that the information contained within your documents is processed and digitised in the most cost efficient manner, ensuring that your information is easy to access and to store.


Document and Data Security

Data and Document SecurityIt is important to remember not to be complacent with your data. Your data provides your business with a competitive advantage and has intrinsic value to your competitors and unscrupulous individuals. Treat your data with the highest degree of security. Data and document security is at the heart of our business and as such we are PCI DSS compliant to the highest degree and ICO Data Protection Act Registered. This means that there are stringent controls in place to guarantee the security of your data and documents whilst they are with us. All of our business practices are audited by third parties annually to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the assurance of the highest level of data security for your business data. Visit our document and data security page to find out more.


Industry Accreditations

In an industry that can be daunting for many, we're committed to best practice in outsourcing, and as such we're proud to be working with industry leading publications and associations. Visit our accreditations page to find out more.

If you are unsure of any of the terms used, we have created a handy glossary to help.

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