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Kärcher is one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment in the world. Established in 1935, the company offers a wide selection of cleaning equipment for households, commercial use and industry including pressure washers, steam cleaners and floor polishers amongst many others.



With every Kärcher product purchased each customer has the opportunity to register their product with Kärcher either via an online or paper based form.  The team at Kärcher were struggling to process and capture the data from the large volumes of paper based product registration cards that were arriving each day.  The seasonality of the product sales and therefore registrations meant that during certain months of the year volumes of registration cards increased four-fold. Kärcher wanted to find a solution to enable timely, accurate processing of the product registration cards, whilst also being cost effective enabling the internal team at Kärcher to focus less on the time consuming administration and ensure high quality customer service.



The marketing team at Kärcher consulted with Adetiq with the aim of reviewing and improving the whole process associated with the product registration cards.  Adetiq devised a processing solution which ensures that all product registration cards are processed within seven days of being received.  To ensure accuracy, Adetiq uses specialist data capture systems, programmed to the specific requirements of Kärcher, which minimises any potential for errors in the data, and ensures that Kärcher receives a high quality data set.  To further improve the product registration process Adetiq and Kärcher have worked in collaboration to revise the product registration form to improve customer understanding and data capture efficiency. The product registration forms are also now managed by Adetiq via a PO BOX address, which further helps to reduce the volumes of forms passing through Kärcher HQ mail room, saving time for the Kärcher mail room and saving the cost of couriers.  As Adetiq is a specialist data and document processing organisation, Kärcher has also been able to benefit from the scalable resources available at no additional cost, meaning that the seasonal peaks and troughs are no longer a challenge and there is now a well structured process in place for the product registration cards, which has reduced lag times, improved data quality and saved valuable resources for the team at Kärcher.

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