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The Naval & Military Press offer specialist books and ground breaking CD-ROMs covering the whole spectrum of military history with titles on uniforms, battles, official and regimental histories, specialist works containing medal rolls and casualties lists as well as titles for genealogists, medal collectors and researchers. The innovative approach to military bookselling and commitment to publishing has made the Naval & Military Press Britain's leading independent military bookseller.


The Naval & Military Press has access to vast specialist libraries of rare and historic books, many of which are priceless and one of a  kind.  As a bookseller, the Naval & Military Press need to reproduce the books for sale and face the challenge of digitising them for reprint without damaging the original manuscripts.


Adetiq has worked with the Naval & Military Press for over 10 years, providing scanning services, consultancy and expertise to digitise over 1,500 rare books for reprint in the most cost effective manner, without compromising the condition of the original books. 

Due to the rare nature of these books, Adetiq employs advanced planetary scanning technology which utilises a powerful overhead scanner to digitise each page.  This minimises the amount that the books need to be handled, and ensures that no pressure is applied to any part of the book by the hardware thus preserving their condition.  The images are then processed using post-scanning enhancement techniques carried out by the experienced scanning team at Adetiq to provide a high quality output individually tailored ready for reprint and resale, enabling many people to enjoy otherwise unavailable rare books.

To find out how Adetiq can assist with digitising your rare books, contact us at or on 01273 202006.

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What they said about us:

“Adetiq has worked closely with us over the past 10 years in the facsimile reproduction of over 1,500 rare books and without their expertise in the field of scanning this feat of publishing would not have been possible.”



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