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Whatever your data entry or data capture requirements Adetiq has a solution to help.  We've been established for over 50 years, and have been capturing data in varying forms since 1969.  Our specialist team are able to assist with all paper based, online and tablet data capture requirements, and we will work with you to ensure you get the best from your data, and a completely integrated approach.


Automated Data Extraction

At Adetiq, we have a range of specialist automation systems which enable us to capture and extract data from wide ranging documents.  It enables us to process high volumes of documents quickly with exceptional accuracy, transferring the captured data in real-time back into your systems.  Because automation is fast and requires minimal manual intervention the cost savings for business can be significant.

Unlimited by languages or structure.  Our automation systems can be programmed to recognise multiple languages and unstructured data, intelligently searching for the information required - and learning nuances along the way.

Experts in our Field.  Our team are experts in the field of capturing data, and will programme our systems to the specific needs of your documents.  Our team consists of technical programmers as well as knowledgeable operators to ensure that the process is seamless, end-to-end.

Exceptions, accepted.  99% of the time, everything flows through our automation systems perfectly, however the world is not perfect and 1% of the time we receive documents that cannot be automated, whether it be because the source is a blurry photograph, the document has been photocopied with something obscuring the data or the documents supplied have expired.  We create exceptions queues for every eventuality, and have a team who are able to resolve 'exceptions' quickly and efficiently, following pre-defined workflows to ensure that the exception can continue the onwards process as quickly as possible.  Monthly management information produced by us will ensure that you are kept abreast of the level of exceptions, timeframes and automated documents processed.

Data Entry & Data Capture

Data Entry, Data Processing, Data CaptureAt Adetiq, we have specialist data entry systems to capture your data as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We will take the time to understand your specific requirements and will make recommendations with regard to the best method of data capture.  We have a highly experienced in-house team of data capture personnel, who utilising our proprietary data entry systems can capture data with the highest degree of accuracy and speed.  Typically used to capture data from handwritten or inconsistent forms, our data capture team can save your team time, money and improve your data quality.  In addition to our data entry team we can also capture your data electronically with OCR, IMR and OMR solutions, perfectly suited to capture data from consistent, typed documents or documents set up specifically for OCR or OMR data capture.  We will discuss your specific requirements with you and suggest the data capture method, or combination of data capture methods which will bring you the best results in the most cost and time efficient manner.

If you have surveys to capture data from, learn more about our specific survey data capture services here.

If you have tests or exam papers to capture data from, learn more about our specific exam data capture services here.

If you work in the Public Sector, Adetiq has been awarded a place on the G-Cloud Framework agreement, which may help you - find out more here.


Online Data Collection

Online-data-surveysOften used for surveys, questionnaires and to capture customer data we can design a branded online data capture solution with an audience relevant user friendly format and securely collect data in real time enabling us to provide you with immediate access to your data.  In addition to collecting data we can cleanse the data to ensure that your dataset only contains valid responses to your data capture requirements. 

Once collected and cleansed we will return the raw data to you in any format required, or if desired, we can pass the data to our in-house analytics team who will analyse the data and results to provide you with a presentable report containing valuable insights, statistics and charts.  Find out more about our questionnaire and survey processing and analytics services here.


Tablet Data Capture 

Tablet-data-captureOur tablet data capture solutions enable you to capture data in real time, and without the need for paper forms.  Whether it's straight forward capture of customer contact details, or lengthy surveys and consultations our tablet data capture solutions can be programmed to ensure a user friendly experience, tailored to the specific audience and branded as required. 

Our data capture solutions transfer data via a wifi connection, but will capture data offline until a wifi connection is made - meaning no interruptions in your data capture due to loss of wifi connection.  From one-off experiential events to multi-country or multi-store PoS software and hardware installations, we will work with you to understand your specific requirements and devise an effective data capture solution.

To find out more about tablet data collection, please click here.


Fully Integrated Data Capture Solutions

Our combination of offline, online and tablet data capture solutions mean that we can offer a truly integrated approach to your multi-channel data collection.   We will ensure that your data capture methods and brand are reflected consistently across your printed materials, your online forms and if relevant, your tablet data capture application.

If you need a hand with designing your data capture forms, our design team is able to help, and if you need your paper forms printed - we can arrange that too.  We can even offer in-bound mail room services to receive any postal or email responses to alleviate the administration burden from your offices.

Our integrated solutions have been developed as a direct result of feedback from our clients over the years.  We've established our suite of data capture solutions based upon the requirements of our clients, which can be customised according to your business needs.


Data Mining & Data Interrogation

At times, collecting data isn't as straight forward and simple as entering the details contained within a document or capturing data directly, sometimes the data is a little harder to extract and data-miningthat's where our data capture team can assist.  Our data capture team offer a range of data scraping and data mining services, able to capture the data that you need from any physical or electronic documents into a consistent and usable format.  Typically our data mining services are used to extract critical clauses and data from contracts and financial statements, extract data from online sources for price comparison or product analysis and to glue varying datasets together, although data mining projects vary wildly and therefore we would discuss your specific requirements with you.  In addition to searching for data contained within documents, our data team can also assist with filling any gaps in your database with our data population services.  Whether you need one missing field populated or product descriptions to be written and populated our team can help. We understand that your data capture needs wil be unique to your organisation, and therefore we will aim to understand your objectives and offer the best solution according to your needs.


Data Processing

tablet-data-captureAt Adetiq, we work with our clients as an extension of their in-house team, processing data and documents through their systems, alleviating the administrative burden from the internal workforce. We have dedicated in-house teams, who process information on behalf of our clients on a daily and even hourly basis.  This enables our clients to focus on higher value priorities, whilst also giving them the confidence that their data is in the safest of hands, processed according to their needs on time, every time. We can handle any aspect of a data processing cycle, whether it be end-to-end or just a small part of longer process.  Often data processing also involves a range of other administrative processing tasks from dispatching letters, to approving registrations - we  have a team on hand to support with any additional administrative functions, whatever support you need with your documents and data, we're able to help.

Our experience has shown that no two data projects are the same, and therefore our expert team are available to offer advice and guidance throughout the lifespan of your data processing requirement, and our flexible approach means that we can tailor our service perfectly to your needs. We can handle the mammoth tasks of data entry, data capture and data processing and make your information start working for you.


Data Security and Privacy

Data Privacy and SecurityIt is important to remember not to be complacent with your data. Your data provides your business with a competitive advantage and has intrinsic value to your competitors and unscrupulous individuals. Treat your data with the highest degree of security. Data and document security is at the heart of our business and as such we are PCI DSS compliant to the highest degree and ICO Data Protection Act Registered. This means that there are stringent controls in place to guarantee the security of your data and documents whilst they are with us. All of our business practices are audited by third parties annually to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the assurance of the highest level of data security for your business data. Visit our document and data security page to find out more.


Data Capture Accreditations

In an industry that can be daunting for many, we're committed to best practice in outsourcing, and as such we're proud to be working with industry leading publications and associations. Visit our accreditations page to find out more.

Contact us today to discuss your data project, and we'll be happy to recommend the best data capture, data mining or data processing solution to your requirement.

If you are unsure of any of the terms used, we have created a handy glossary to help.


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"Adetiq very professionally and accurately data capture interest from ‘potential’ customers for Liz Earle. This has enabled us to significantly increase our sales conversion through engaging follow up communications."

Suzanne Purcell, Head Of CRM
Liz Earle

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