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Document Processing, Management & Content Extraction

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Whatever your document processing requirement, at Adetiq we have a solution to help. We’re highly versed in processing and managing both physical and electronic documents through all or part of their lifecycle.


Document Process Outsourcing (DPO)

If your business has documents that arrive in one format which need to be processed or converted in any way to deliver data, insights or results, consider outsourcing the document processing to a specialist.  You tell us what format your documents arrive in, what outcomes you need to achieve, and we'll do the rest.

Using a hybrid of automation technology and knowledgeable document processing operators, Adetiq can deploy any document process required, using automation wherever possible to realise significant cost savings and improvements in speed and accuracy for you.

Proven Scenarios:

  • Financial product applications processing including validate of supporting documents
  • Inbound mail conversion to digital mail
  • High volume invoice data extraction to flow data into accounting systems
  • Student applications, results and fulfilment
  • Contract data mining and extraction
  • Insurance policy validation and processing
  • Refund review, quantification and systems management
  • Historical weather data extraction and onwards data management

Speed and accuracy is critical for most businesses, however realising a highly accurate, quick and effective in-house solution proves problematic for most companies.  Our clients choose to outsource these processes to a trusted, specialist partner as they strive to reduce the administrational burden, save costs and improve the flow and accuracy of their business data.  Multiple benefits exist for organisations who outsource document processes, and who put SLAs and KPIs in place with their outsourcing partners, enabling internal resources to focus on the core function of the business.


Converting Physical Documents to Electronic Files

Physical document conversionThere are undoubted benefits to digitising physical documents whether you wish to save on storage costs, improve efficiency by creating a searchable digital archive or improve analytics by migrating the document information to a digital database.  We have a solution to help.

Whatever your document processing objectives the team at Adetiq can offer best practice advice to ensure that the information contained within your documents is processed and digitised in the most cost efficient manner, ensuring that your information is easy to access and to store.


Document Scanning and Digitisation

Adetiq has a full range of specialist scanning technology to ensure that your documents are digitised to the highest standard, and suitable for electronic storage and for digital retrieval in the future.    We will work with you to define your specifications, providing best practice advice and guidance. 

Important information to consider when digitising your documents:

  • What are the business use cases after digitisation?
  • Where will the documents be stored, how much capacity does it have?
  • What resolution(s) will provide the best results?
  • Will the business need to search for information within the document or just search by document?
  • What is the best method of indexing?
  • What format should the scanned files by in?
  • Is the business case likely to change in the future?
  • Will the documents be reprinted or used for electronically only?

Adetiq can help guide you through to ensure that the outcome of your digitisation project, provides the business with the information it needs now and in the future.


Extracting Document Information

Our team has over 50 years' experience of extracting critical information from wide ranging documents including inbound mail, invoices, contracts and policy documentation, we can process your documents to the highest level of accuracy within your systems or using our specialist data extraction systems. We have various in-house OCR technology which can extract document information at a rapid pace, and also a highly experienced team who can extract any information which cannot be extracted using OCR technology.


Consolidation of Document Information

With increasing volumes of documents and the increasing variety of streams from which those documents can originate it is important for a business to be able to streamline the information into a consistent and interpretable document or data format. Adetiq can help you to consolidate the wide variety of documents, extract the pertinent information critical to your business and process the remaining documents for archive or for secure destruction according to your business needs.


Preparing for the Cloud

If your business is planning on migrating to the cloud Electronic Document Managementor has already taken the step, Adetiq can assist with processing your backlog of physical documents and digitising into a searchable electronic archive, reducing overheads and improving efficiency. We understand that often this can seem like a mammoth task so we'll help you to develop an action plan based upon our experience of working with multiple organisations across a range of industries. We'll then implement the plan in a manner suitable to your budget and schedule.

Document and Data Security

Document Security and PrivacyDocument security is at the heart of our business, and therefore once your documents have been processed through our secure environment, we will arrange for your documents to be securely destroyed to ensure the utmost security of the information contained within your documents.  Visit our document security page to find out more.

The paper burden isn't limited to one industry or one function, and our team are experienced at offering best practice document processing advice and practical implementation across all document processing challenges. Our aim is to enable you to benefit from the information contained within your documents and as a result make you more efficient.


Document Processing Accreditations

In an industry that can be daunting for many, we're committed to best practice in outsourcing, and as such we're proud to be working with industry leading publications and associations. Visit our accreditations page to find out more.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your document processing.


What they said about us

"Adetiq has worked closely with us over the past 10 years in the facsimile reproduction of over 1,500 rare books and without their expertise in the field of scanning this feat of publishing would not have been possible."

Chris Buckland, Chairman
Naval and Military Press

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