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Business Automation Services - BPaaS, RPA & AI

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of technology to conduct back office, transactional or repetitive processing tasks to improve efficiency, save money and alleviate internal resources to focus on more strategic business activities.

RPA software is highly efficient, costing 1/5 of the cost of a UK FTE and 1/2 of the cost of an offshore outsourced solution.  Not only that RPA reduces error rates, shortens processing time frames and improves productivity across business functions.

Adetiq has been established for over 45 years, and was an early adopter of RPA technology to add value and enhance customer outsourcing contracts.  Robots are used in the context of automating repetitive back office functions to alleviate internal resources from administrational tasks.  In a manufacturing sense, these 'robots' look like robots, but in a back office administration sense and in real terms, it is intelligent software able to be programmed to process documents and data, interact with other systems and conduct transactional tasks highly efficiently, with extremely low error rates and with a high degree of compliance.

RPA technologies can be purchased and installed internally within an organisation, but often this requires additional training and a specialist team to programme and manage the RPA software.  The resulting overheads are often lower than without RPA installed, but the installation process can be long and the ongoing technology costs can become a false economy.

Adetiq offers a different solution.

Adetiq has automation software that is leverage across our client base, we offer an outsourced solution encompassing RPA technology, advanced technical expertise to ensure that RPA solutions are kept up to date, patched and operating at optimal levels, in combination with highly effective human resource to manage the aspects of any back office function that cannot be undertaken by software.  The combination of highly productive human resource, along with the business benefits RPA can bring, offers a unique solution that can be tailored and customised to meet specific client requirements.  Our clients find that they immediately benefit from significant cost savings, improvements in accuracy and faster turnaround time frames.

Example Success Cases of Outsourced RPA:

  • Inbound mail room
  • Invoice / sales order handling
  • Applications processing, and supporting evidence handling
  • Forms and exams processing
  • HR documents digitisation and data searching
  • Data management, manipulation and interrogation
  • Data Mining, data matching
  • Document to data conversions

The outsourced handling of back office tasks is our core business, and we have extensive proven experience of working with enterprise organisations to deliver successful business outcomes.  Benefits of outsourcing your back office tasks and leveraging RPA along with effective human resource include:

High levels of accuracy - no more human error.

Cost savings - RPA can cost 1/5 price of an onshore FTE, and 1/2 price of an offshore FTE.

Improved efficiency - RPA can work faster than any human resource, it can also work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without requiring annual leave.

Compliance assurance - RPA follows a series of specific rules and process flows when in operation and so cannot deviate from the process you require.  All interactions are logged, creating an extensive audit trail, and mitigating any opportunity for human error in the process.

Scalability - Outsourcing your back office tasks enables you to cater for your peaks and troughs in demand, without incurring unnecessary overheads or running behind in your processing.  Outsourcing offers you scalability for tasks that will increase over time, flexibility to cater for fluctuations and agility for those tasks that will decrease over time, without it affecting your internal workforce.

Enhance Business Performance  - By outsourcing administrational activities, you will free up your internal workforce to focus on more strategic business matters.  Your organisation will benefit from the 'thinking space' your team will have and will also realise the advanced productivity that RPA 'FTE's' can deliver over equivalent human FTEs.

As the UK based industry leader in secure, efficient process outsourcing solutions, all of the processing services we undertake for our clients are conducted entirely on-shore in the UK from one of our three office locations in Brighton and Burgess Hill, giving you peace of mind that your documents and data are being handled in the most secure environment.  We hold a range of security accreditations including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) at Tier 1 level - PCI DSS is a robust security framework, for which we are audited for compliance each year. 

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Data and Document Security

Data SecurityIt is important to remember not to be complacent with your data. Your data provides your business with a competitive advantage and has intrinsic value to your competitors and unscrupulous individuals. Treat your data with the highest degree of security. Data and document security is at the heart of our business and as such we are PCI DSS compliant to the highest degree and ICO Data Protection Act registered. This means that there are stringent controls in place to guarantee the security of your data and documents whilst they are with us. All of our business practices are audited by third parties annually to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the assurance of the highest level of data security for your business data.

Visit our document and data security page to find out more.


Outsourcing Accreditations

At Adetiq, we understand that you need to have 100% faith and trust in any third party to whom you allow access to your business critical data. We take your data security and our standing within the industry extremely seriously and are proud to be associated with the leading publications and associations within the outsourcing industry. Visit our accreditations page to find out more.

If you are unsure of any of the terms used, we have created a handy glossary to help.


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