Financial Services

We have been working in the financial services industry for over 50 years. Our bespoke outcomes ensure highly productive, cost-effective clerical processing across financial operations and throughout the financial services sector.

Your client data and document security is at the heart of our business, and accordingly, we are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and Cyber Essentials certified, GDPR compliant, ICO Data Protection Act registered and work to PCI DSS standard.


Below are some of the services we provide for your sector:

Bespoke Services

The processing of customer applications, for both consumer and merchant services, can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, which is often prone to error and potential data security issues. Our breadth of experience, depth of knowledge and technical capabilities in document and data processing means that we can offer a focused, truly bespoke service that integrates seamlessly into your IT systems and corporate workflow, enabling your own staff to concentrate on your core tasks. Employing a hybrid approach, combining smart people and smart tech, enables us to deliver optimum processing regarding cost, accuracy and security.


What Others Say About Us

"Adetiq are experts in their field and have been working with us since 2005. Their accuracy and expertise has given us the confidence such that they have now become our UK document processing centre. Adetiq have been brilliant at responding to our rapidly changing document processing requirements, and the professional, flexible document processing services provided by Adetiq helped to make possible Elavon’s phenomenal growth in the UK."

Head of International Operations, Elavon


Our Service Areas

As an expert in highly secure business process outsourcing we can help you with wide-ranging back office processes and administration tasks, which we have divided into three main service areas:

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