Killer Technique 5 - Inaccurate Data Pitfalls

January 25, 2018

A recent survey conducted by Experian showed that on average, organisations believe ¼ of their data to be inaccurate, having a direct affect on their bottom line.

The result is wasted time and money as well as a negative impact on brand perception. 

Inaccurate data is a huge challenge, with multiple stages at which data inaccuracies can occur. Most errors occur during initial data entry, due to lack of training or system checks. From there updates to records and out of date data can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your data both in the short and long term.  

This best practice guide explores the most common places for data to become inaccurate and what you can do to ensure that your data is maintained to the highest quality. 

We’ve been refining our data processing techniques for over 50 years. Our skilled team uses proven key verification methods, as well as the latest accuracy, tracking and monitoring technology to ensure that our data processing and data entry services offer the highest degree of accuracy.

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