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As the UK’s leading document and data processing company, we’ve used our 50 years’ experience to put together a range of assets designed to help you get more from your data. In the words of Oscar Wilde, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on”!

Speed and accuracy in data capture is essential, but how does Adetiq dompare?

Speed and Accuracy in Data Capture

Effective survey deployment, processing & analytics can provide highly valuable insight into your business.

Effective Survey Deployment and Processing

In an industry peppered with jargon & acronyms, we've put together a handy glossary to guide you through.

Document and Data Processing Glossary

Storing documents physically carries a big risk. Avoid business-crippling data loss.

Killer Technique 1 - Controlling your Paperwork

Do you know the true business cost of your employees & their productivity?

Killer Technique 2 - Understand the True Cost of Your Workforce

Find out how to improve your application processing & reduce time from signature to revenue.

Killer Technique 3 - Customer Acquisition Cycle

How important is your customer and prospect data? Very. So why let it sit, waiting to be processed?

Killer Technique 4 - Cold Data = No Data

Inaccurate data can be incredibly costly. Find out how to ensure your data is of the very best quality.

Killer Technique 5 - Inaccurate Data Pitfalls

A poorly maintained database will have a direct impact on sales. Cleanse and verify your data frequently.

Killer Technique 6 - Maintaining a Clean Database

Avoid the inefficiencies caused by dirty data. Learn how to make your data start working for your business.

Killer Technique 7 - Handling Difficult Data

Learn how to effectively populate and update your online stock inventory.

Killer Technique 8 - Successful Online Inventories

Learn how to scale your resources for short and long term projects and work more effectively.

Killer Technique 9 - Resourcing your Projects

Not all data is useful for your business. Maximise investment by focusing on specific, valuable data.

Killer Technique 10 - Capture Only the Data that you Need