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The processing of large volumes of documents and data associated with specific cases is a major challenge for the legal sector and can be a significant burden on internal resources. Our flexible and innovative approach will help to free up your qualified, internal legal resources whilst getting you the data needed in a more timely manner.

Your client data and document security is at the heart of our business, and accordingly, we are ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and Cyber Essentials certified, GDPR compliant, ICO Data Protection Act registered and work to PCI DSS standard.


Below are some of the services we provide for your sector:

Bespoke Solutions

With our high security and confidential approach to document and data processing, we are an ideal partner for legal applications. We work in such areas as probate estate documents processing, extraction of case information, insolvency back-office tasks, and many other services where your expensive in-house resources are far better employed on other more remunerative tasks. We also handle document scanning and indexing for archival purposes, together with full OCR for fully searchable text. We take a hybrid processing approach which combines the best of advanced technologies, such as RPA and AI, with our own highly-skilled and reliable UK-based staff.



Any tasks that cause pain can generally be outsourced to us where they will be properly managed with suitable quality controls in place, along with full reporting and project management. These can be one-off tasks or ongoing requirements.

"Working with Adetiq for the first time has been a great pleasure. From start to finish, Adetiq have provided a professional and efficient service dedicated to meeting our needs. We will most certainly consider using their reliable and friendly service again in future." Middlesex University


What can we do for you?

We are an award-winning, UK-based industry expert in highly secure, document and data processing, offering a complete end-to-end process outsourcing solution. We specialise in combining automation and effective human resource to deliver improvements in business performance.

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