Meet the Management Team

Our team has a wealth of experience to ensure you get the best possible service, no matter what size your business or what sector you work in.

Peter Repp - Chief Executive Officer

After an early career in the City in International Reinsurance, Peter progressed into the world of computing, and following various positions, including General Manager of a real-time software house and Key Account System Sales in the early days of networked workstation technology at Xerox, he teamed up with Mark Duffelen and Alyn Jenkins at Xeretec to found XM Document Solutions Ltd in 1997. In 1999, Adetiq was acquired (as Datapro Data Preparation Ltd) with Peter as CEO bringing the company's consolidation and growth to its current market leading position.

Peter's vast knowledge of our business and how to best apply both technology and people mean you can rest assured you are in good hands from the top down.

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Michael Hill - Chief Operating Officer

Michael Hill has been with Adetiq since 1999, taking responsibility for all operational aspects of delivering client projects, including systems infrastructure, processes and service delivery. Before joining Adetiq, Michael held a senior role at XM Document Solutions, and a directorial role at a financial services firm following a degree in Electronic Engineering and Computing.

With a keen eye for detail and the ability to really think outside the box, Michael is able to solve your problems - no matter how complex.

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Victoria Minshall - Senior Project Manager

Victoria has been with Adetiq for over 19 years and is the Senior Project Manager for a number of key clients, being responsible for the successful operational delivery of their programmes. Victoria ensures that all SLAs and KPIs are met and acts as the main point of liaison for clients throughout each project lifespan. A key part of Victoria’s role is to undertake the leadership of the project teams, motivating employees and assessing employee performance. Victoria is also responsible for monitoring and advising on the performance of the quality management system, producing data and reporting on performance, measuring against set standards.

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Emma Carter - Project Manager

Emma joined Adetiq in 2011, following the successful completion of a degree in Sociology with Psychology BSc (Hons). Emma holds the position of Project Manager at Adetiq and is responsible for delivering specific client projects to the high standard expected. Emma has a strong operational background, having risen through the ranks at Adetiq and has a passion for delivering best of breed customer service and measurable business outcomes.

Emma’s service ethos ensures that her projects are run meticulously, resulting in the best possible outcomes for the partnership between Adetiq and each of our clients. 

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Paolo Zaffiro - Project Manager

Paolo joined Adetiq from American Express in 2010 and has worked in several roles gaining in-depth experience on various projects leading to his current position as Project Manager. Paolo leads a number of teams who work on bespoke, often complex business solutions and liaises closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, ensuring excellence in operational delivery.

Paolo has a very calm approach which serves him and our customers well when the pressure’s on. 

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Eveli Hill – Marketing Manager

Eveli has headed various divisions at Adetiq for over 12 years, and currently holds the role of Marketing Manager. Prior to joining Adetiq, Eveli held a number of administration management roles at organisations in the UK and in Estonia, and holds a degree in International Business Administration. Eveli is responsible for the development, implementation and management of our marketing and social media strategies. She’s involved in all aspects of online and offline marketing activities including content marketing, industry engagement, public relations, social media, and internal communications.

Eveli’s broad experience means that our marketing is targeted and relevant, maximising results for both potential customers and Adetiq. 

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Guy Symonds - IT Manager

Guy joined Adetiq from the NHS in early 2016 as IT Manager, having built up a wealth of experience in the past 2 decades through various IT roles in the public and private sectors. In his current position, he is responsible for developing new technical capabilities and services across the organisation, together with managing our system security, and leading the IT team. Guy continues to learn new technologies, applying the skills and knowledge he has learned to effectively and most importantly securely process data. Managing a team of highly competent IT Engineers, Guy is excited about how the team will be applying hybrid processing in order to further streamline solutions to Adetiq’s customers’ requirements.

Like most good techies, Guy lives and breathes technology and brings this passion to his work for Adetiq and our clients. 

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