Speed and Accuracy in Data Capture

January 24, 2018

Speed and accuracy is fundamental to the data capture work we do. Whilst we endeavour to automate much of our data processing where possible, there is always a degree of data capture that requires manual intervention. It is critical therefore, that our manual data capture techniques are best of breed and that we keep a constant focus on speed and accuracy to ensure that our customers can benefit from high level of expertise and efficiency savings.

How fast can you type?

What accuracy can you achieve? 

The below infographic from Ratatype (www.ratatype.com) illustrates average typing speeds and accuracy levels. The average person is able to achieve a 92% accuracy level, and type 41 words per minute (WPM), when free typing. When capturing data from another source, this rate decreases to 23 words per minute (WPM), or 5,750 keystrokes per hour (KPH).

The team at Adetiq are specialists in their field, and are supported by specialist data capture systems. Adetiq is highly accurate, and significantly faster than other data capture resources.

Source: Ratatype (www.ratatype.com)

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