Ways to Improve Your Homepage

January 25, 2018

Almost every company has a homepage. It is self-evident in the information society; if you are not online, you are not in the marketplace. A lot of websites, however, appear static and this is often the mistake that is made – a company invests in its website and is then restricted by it.

The homepage, in the current era of social media predominance, is, effectively, an interactive business card. Therefore, it is useful from time to time to update it so that your website has a current and modern feel to it - especially if the company is in a fast-paced and dynamic industry such as IT services. It is important for the potential client to be convinced that the company involved uses state-of-the-art digital technology, and that the quality and reliability of its services is second to none.

The homepage should function effortlessly; a company needs to be clear and simple about its services and products in order that visitors can navigate to the relevant information quickly on the website. It is crucial that the design supports the highlighting and user-friendliness of the information the clients are looking for.

Again, it should be easy to find the necessary information - the user is generally going to be interested in services and products, the benefits offered, professional information and advice, and, of course, the company's contact information and location.

Social media is also gaining popularity in the B2B environment, and so becoming more important to a company's marketing strategy. Adding your social media sharing buttons, along with feeds on your content, helps your customers find you on social networks, whilst also extending the reach of your content to new audiences, and directing new visitors back to your homepage. Therefore, social media is an excellent tool for customer relationship development and corporate promotion.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular for business use, and it is important for your site to be compatible with the relevant user experience. If your homepage is not a scalable solution, it will not meet the needs of the mobile or tablet user. It is important that a mobile site has tailored text, images and visual functionality, while being easy and convenient to follow on a small screen, with well-thought-out functionality and a space-rich mobile view.

Also, only recently, Google has begun to favour mobile-optimized websites for mobile searches, automatically placing them first in the search engine.

Adetiq has taken all of this into account, and its website has undergone a comprehensive overhaul in order for it to remain fresh and relevant. The new homepage will provide a significantly better user experience, easier navigation, improved functionality and fresh content. We hope that our responsive design and core design elements will keep our visitors on our new site for longer, and, as a result, more deeply engaged with our brand.

Eveli Hill - Marketing Manger

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