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January 24, 2018

Ok, let’s say you have hundreds of new products to sell on your website and you’ve got to have them available as soon as possible, or you’ll be ‘last season’ before you know it. Who can you turn to for help that you can trust?

If you’ve already run a cursory search for copywriting assistance online, you’ll have noticed that professional help in this area is not cheap, with freelance copywriters charging an average of £339 (1) per day. It can be very costly; and finding experienced and reliable help can be challenging.

There are cost effective alternatives, however. A professional outsourcing business can, if chosen wisely, bring experienced staff and technical efficiencies to the task. Provided you can give parameters around copy type and tone, as well as any more specific requirements, you can have a team of capable copywriters at your disposal for far cheaper than you might imagine.

The best outsourcing businesses act as an extension of your own business; an ‘off-site office’ that can be moulded to suit their clients’ requirements. It provides trained staff and a primary point of contact for any feedback or ad-hoc requests, as well as extensive internal quality control processes.

So, whatever your needs, whether you’re looking for people to assist with website copy about product details, blog posts or email campaigns, shop around and don’t rule out outsourcing as a solution to assist with any of your web content population requirements.

1. Figures sourced from survey conducted by

Paolo Zaffiro - Project Manager

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