Why Choose Us?

Adetiq are rated ‘Best Value Service Provider’ by the Global Sourcing Association. We take our clients most complex data and document processing issues and deliver back the right data, in the right format, at a cost to meet all of our clients’ objectives.


Experience and Expertise

With over 50 years' of experience we’ve seen it all, successfully working with small and medium businesses, government and multi-national organisations. Our success is based on our innovative ability to re-engineer process and our unique hybrid approach. We utilise bespoke robotics and AI, and some of the best experts in our industry - plus the most effective and secure document and data factory in the UK.

We are based in the UK with security accreditation that means we can work with the most sensitive information and comply with all GDPR regulations.

Capability and Quantified Outcomes

We understand that when trying to find a suitable outsourced service provider it can be a challenge to weigh everything up and select the best partner for you. Here are a few reasons why you should contact us....


We like being the best at what we do! Our achieving the highest levels of certification, while working closely with industry associations, means you can rely on us as your expert. Should you need us to gain additional certifications to handle data in your industry, let us know and we can figure it out.

The Management Team

Our team has a wealth of experience to ensure you get the best possible service, no matter what size your business or what sector you work in.

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If you have document or data process that is difficult or expensive to manage, or simply takes time that your staff could better utilise, contact us now.